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Sam Avery

Sam Avery

Account Executive/ Technology Consultant

Job Role / Responsibilities: Inform business leaders on current technology which can protect them from data breaches & hackers. I consult business leaders on saving time & money when it comes to copier/printer contracts. I am a master of reading the small print in legal contracts then helping companies get our of them and into better agreements for there company. I am a master of negotiating pricing with multiple levels of Management and reading people. I focus hard on ethical decision making along with making our customers happy.

How long has exec been in this position?: Over 4.5 years and gaining on 5

Career Path:
Hotdog Maker at Coney Island Hotdog House (6 Months)
Waiter/ Bartender at Green Gables Restaurant (2 Years)
Bar Tender/ Certified Corporate Employee Trainer at Outback Steakhouse (2 Years)
Technology Consultant at Counsel (Almost 5 Years)

Education / Degree: AGS Degree from Western Iowa Tech University

Additional Achievements, Community Involvement or Important Information:
Currently serving a 2 year term for a City Council Elected Board. The Sioux City Parking and Skywalk Board where we make recommendations to the City of Sioux City. I have been elected for 2 terms now. Volunteered for 3 years as a Siouxland Chamber Ambassador. I helped put on Ribbon cuttings for all local companies celebrating big moments for there business. I helped put together many events like the local Chamber Annual Dinner and Annual Golf Classic. They are the two biggest Chamber events in Sioux City.
I attend many local Chamber events and socialize/ congratulate local companies in there achievements.

Personal Fact: I recently started brewing my own beer and it has become a favored hobby of mine. I also am very into the Sport of Golf and it is my all time favorite hobby with my Dad and friends.

Favorite Quote: “If you want to do what I do… Then do what I’ve done” (Quote from my successful Dad. This is relating to his Successful life and previous years of on going HARD work)

Employee Testimonial: Company Culture is amazing. The best team anyone could ever ask for! Freedom with Responsibility. This is very important to me and helps me succeed my role. I Truly believe we have the best ethical decision making out of all my competition. I couldn’t imagine working for another competitor hearing how there companies do business with people.

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