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James Clark bio

James Clark

Dispatch/ Helpdesk

Job Role / Responsibilities: keep techs moving and direct complaints/concerns/issues to appropriate ppl, and taking care of printing/scanning issues

How long has exec been in this position? going on my 5th year in this position

Career Path: I started here in feb of 2011, and started with my foot in the door emptying the trash and doing deliveries/helpdesk , learning the way of the needs of the business for 5 years then moved into dispatch/helpdesk.

Education / Degree: high school diploma and 1 ½ in secondary schooling w/ degree

Personal Fact: I like chicken

Favorite Quote: “I’ll get right on that”

Employee Testimonial: Don’t really get questioned as long as the works getting done, I feel like im my own boss, and make a lot of ppl happy fixin issues as I go

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