Our Team

Aly Hughes

Account Executive

Job Role / Responsibilities: My role is to provide multiple levels of technology and services to businesses of all industries that will help them realize and achieve their goals, as well as drive everyday business performance. Customer relationships are the forefront of my role. I strive to create and cultivate new and existing customer relationships every day. It’s the best part about this job!

How long has exec been in this position?: Just over 1 year!

Career Path: Marketing Intern for 2 years at a technology-based company. My responsibilities included Event Planning, Social Media Marketing, Creation/Design of Marketing Materials/Merchandise, Website Design, etc. 

Education / Degree: Bachelor’s Degree from Iowa State University (Ivy College of Business)

A personal fact they want to include: I am a dog person

Favorite Quote: “The two things in life you are in total control over are your attitude & your effort” – Billy Cox

Employee Testimonial: I am surrounded by a team of coworkers who also happen to be some of the best mentors I could ask for. We truly are a team, no matter what department we’re in, and our primary goal when we come to work each day is to make sure our customers are happy.  

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