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Legal and Financial Firms: Reduce Printing Costs and Improve Compliance

Legal and financial firms have to deal with increasing amounts of data while remaining secure and adhering to strict compliance guidelines. Performed manually, these processes take too long and introduce too many errors to generate scalable value for growing firms.

On top of this, service-oriented firms need to find solutions for efficiently and securely printing documents. They need to be able to make effective use of their human capital while efficiently managing documents and processes.

Increasing numbers of legal and financial firms reduce printing costs by implementing technological solutions for automating print processes and procuring efficient equipment. Workflow solutions that reduce the amount of manual labor paralegals and financial employees need to accomplish are important value generators for firms that need to reduce non-billable hours.


It is very important for professionals in the Legal/Finance Industry to:

Maximize revenues for all services rendered.

Ability to retrieve documents remotely.

Ability to translate documents to a different language for clear communication.

Ability to process and pay invoices efficiently.

Ability to bill client promptly and accurately.

Ensure that their client and employee files and data are secure from cyber criminals.

Ensure that all data and documents are backed up in real time These

These are all areas we have skilled and trained professionals to implement solutions to create the desired business outcomes. Take a look at our solutions below and some ways they can impact the departments, teams, and individuals in your organization:

Ensure you are Secure and in Compliance with Proactive IT Support

Executives & IT Department

Security and compliance go hand in hand when it comes to legal and financial firms. Any technological platform you implement needs to address today’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities while remaining compliant with regulatory guidelines. Our IT Solutions Powered by Visual Edge IT provide you the security and compliance you need in today’s environment.

Keep Print Costs Low & Billing Back Easy!

Executives, Administration, Accounting

From print audit data to financial reports, the need to carefully collect and interpret data remains a constant. Counsel can help legal and financial firms take control of their data and make real time automated reporting possible.

Improve Your Print Environment

IT Department & Administration

Managed print services are key to reducing the amount of time your IT staff spends on printer upkeep and maintenance. Although these tasks do not make full use of your IT technicians’ qualifications, they can easily take up the majority of your technicians’ time. Counsel managed print services frees up your team’s time to focus on higher impact tasks.

Communicate with Clients in Multiple Languages

Lawyers, Executives, & Administration

Legal and financial firms that serve customers for whom English is not a first language frequently find themselves in need of expensive professional translation services. Hiring qualified employees is hard enough as it is finding qualified multilingual employees is even harder. Xerox Easy Translate can make translation an easy, automatic process.

Securely Print , Access, & Listen to Documents Anywhere

Lawyers, Executives, Remote Workers

Whether you’re at an offsite location, like a courthouse for legal firms, or on the go, Mobile print makes it easy for your team to securely access and print documents on the go, directly from their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This is important because it significantly reduces the amount of time spent sending documents back and forth for printing, and it improves mobile security for the entire company. In addition, our legal clients can increase their billable hours by using apps like Xerox® Audio Documents to listen to briefs on their smartphone or in their car!

Reduce Non Billable Hours & Help your Team be More Productive with Workflow Automation

Administration, Executives, & IT Departments

Workflow automation is the best way to reduce non billable hours and keep your team focused on the tasks they are best qualified for. If every team member needs to perform every task from scratch, they’ll never be able to dedicate their time to higher impact workflows. Our team can develop and implement automated solutions for legal and financial processes.

Customize your Solutions & Integrate with Essential Platforms and Software with App Design and Development

IT Department, Executives, Administration

There are many reasons why your legal or financial firm may wish to develop a customized application. From exposing business processes to customers on the cloud to building scalable solutions for project and database management, the potential is nearly unlimited. Counsel can provide you with expertise that directly addresses the most important aspects of app development.

Contact Counsel for State-of-the-art Technology Solutions

Banks, accountants, financial consultants, and law firms all need to utilize best-in-class technology to keep their systems secure and efficient. The right expertise can make a significant difference in the overall value of any technological infrastructure you decide to deploy.

The most efficient legal and financial organizations reduce printing costs without relying on their in-house IT teams to do everything. An important part of growing your company is learning what to delegate to reputable service providers. Let Counsel become your go-to solution for automating high-volume, low-impact workflows.

Your firm can implement modern data infrastructure with the help of our team of highly qualified experts. Call Counsel to find out how we can help!

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