Managing healthcare data while providing much needed security against cybercriminal threats is a steep challenge in any environment. But healthcare organizations also need to control printing costs, maintain compliance with regulatory requirements like HIPAA, and consistently meet patient expectations at the same time.

This is why healthcare organizations both large and small entrust their Office Technology Solutions to our team at Counsel & Midwest Office Automations. Our team uses world class technology backed by knowledgeable expertise to meet communication challenges in the healthcare environment.

These challenges center around out of control IT asset costs, stringent compliance requirements, and increasing data security needs. Our Services and Solutions like managed print for healthcare addresses each of these challenges with reliable, accessible solutions.

Healthcare is an industry that we have the pleasure to serve at a high level

There are several business objectives that this industry has shared with us that we have been able to help them achieve:

Consistent technology platform

Secure release of documents for HIPPA protocol regulations

Ensuring that patient data is secure from Cyber criminals

Electronic storage and easy retrieval of records

Audit log of these files for HIPPA protocol regulations

IT Projects that stay on the board for too long

Leverage medical GPO for best pricing levels

What Counsel and Midwest Office Automations Can Do for Your Healthcare Clinic or Hospital

Deploying and integrating world class technology solutions is key to our value proposition for healthcare organizations large and small. From offering interoperability solutions to mitigate data silos to providing expert development support, we offer complete solutions for managing the technological infrastructure of our healthcare customers.

Security and Compliance

IT Department, Administrators, & Executives

Healthcare providers need to adhere to stringent cybersecurity standards. The proliferation of ransomware as a service among cybercriminals has made it altogether too easy for healthcare organizations to become victims. Only state of the art disaster recovery solutions can protect your clinic from this threat.


IT Department, Administrators, Executives

One of the main issues facing healthcare today is interoperability. Patient records buried deep in various providers’ organizational silos are neither accessible nor useful for doctors who need immediate access to data. Solutions like Document Management, XMediusFax, and Kno2 are solutions built to make information easy to find while maintaining security.

Mobile Print

IT Department, Administrators, Executives, Staff, Practitioners

Without a mobile print solution in place, you may encounter staff who are using unsecured mobile devices unknowingly. Mobile print is the cornerstone of mobile security. Our technicians can deploy solutions that keep patient records safe even on mobile devices.

Real Time Reporting & Cost Management

Accountants, Executives, Administrators

Managing healthcare budgets is no short order. Healthcare administrators need access to the latest data in order to be sure that they have the resources they need to deliver care Accounting is central to this goal, and our team can implement automated processes to make financial data collection and analysis easier and more convenient than ever.

Communicate with Patients in Multiple Languages

Administrators, Staff, and Practitioners

Delivering care in multilingual environments is deeply challenging. Even professional translators can have trouble interpreting medical terms and definitions intelligibly. Xerox Easy Translate solves this problem by allowing doctors, nurses, and patients to communicate with on demand professional translation.

Take the Hassle and Expense out of Print Management

IT Departments, Executives, Administrators

Your IT team needs to spend its time on high impact strategic initiatives that help patients gain access to affordable care. Fixing broken printers is not part of that job description. Yet printers still break down, and Counsel's managed print services represent a critical solution towards ensuring your print fleet is in optimal working condition at all times.

Analysis and Reporting

Accounting, Administration, IT Department

Healthcare administrators need access to real time data on a wide variety of metrics. From patient recovery statistics to clinical print usage, the ability to generate in depth reports automatically helps administrators demonstrate accountability.

Have Counsel & Midwest Office Automations Modernize Your Healthcare Clinic

We help healthcare clinics and hospitals deliver better patient experiences by consolidating technology and building superior infrastructure. With our help, you can free your IT team to focus more on improving healthcare delivery and let our team reduce costs while improving your security profile to better manage disaster recovery situations.

It’s time for your healthcare organization to control printing costs and implement best in class cybersecurity solutions. Our Office Technology Experts can help talk to Our Team today.

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