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Managing technology in the classroom has always been a challenge, but today’s obstacles are greater than ever before. Not only are school resources stretched to their limits, but budgets often fail to grow at a rate concurrent with students’ and teachers’ growing needs.

This leads to a situation where IT specialists working for public and private schools feel increasing pressure to effectively manage ever-growing assets without having the tools and infrastructure to do so. In both the K-12 and higher education environments, print and document solutions for schools are rarely as efficient, accessible, or secure as they need to be.

There are several key areas where academic institutions can cut costs while improving the convenience, accessibility, and security of their technological assets. By deploying an integrated print and document solution for your school or university, you can set new standards for technological efficiency in the education environment.


Technology is an increasing priority for school administrators that need to improve on-site assets
while showing that school systems are protected against growing cybersecurity threats. A reputable

technology provider like Counsel & Midwest Office Automations makes this possible by offering best-
in-class solutions for a variety of needs.

The key things that we hear from K-12 and Higher Ed that they are constantly trying to
improve upon are:

Protection of the General Fund

Reduction in printed paper

Managing student printing

Managing printing from Google platform

Ability to track print & copy volume by department or user

Proper management of student records

Ability to quickly translate documents for clear communication

Consistent technology platform

Ensure that their student and employee files and data are secure from cyber criminals.

Ensure that all data and documents are backed up in real time

Phone communication platform for announcements & paging

How Counsel and Midwest Office Automations Can Help Deploy Print and Document Solutions for Schools

Technology is an increasing priority for school administrators that need to improve on-site assets while showing that school systems are protected against growing cybersecurity threats. A reputable technology provider like Counsel makes this possible by offering best-in-class solutions for a variety of needs.

Securely Print & Access & Listen to Documents Anywhere

Teachers, Administrators, Remote Workers

One of the most effective ways to improve print service in the academic environment is by deploying solutions for mobile print. Students and teachers alike use their mobile devices for school related work every day, and need a secure, manageable means to print documents from mobile devices. In addition, we have specific solutions that can meet your technology requirements, such as: Chromebook™ Printing with Xerox® Mobile Print Solution enables a PC like driver experience to send printing jobs from Chromebooks to any Xerox and nearly any non Xerox MFP. PaperCut for Education offers a solution that allows only authorized users on your network, like teachers to print.

Manage & Monitor Print Costs Efficiently & Quickly

Accounting, School Boards, Administrators, & Principals/Headmasters/Presidents/Deans

Managing school financial records is not easy. As the number of students and teachers at your school or university grows, so does the pressure for your accountants to deliver fast, error free reports. Automated processes and RFID or code based assignments allow accountants to focus on high impact workflows and deliver more accurate results with greater speed.

Communicate With Students & Parents In Multiple Languages

Teachers, Administrators, & Principals/Headmasters/Presidents/Deans

Any school that features a language curriculum needs to be able to quickly and conveniently translate documents between the languages it teaches. Instead of adding this to the pile of work that teachers already do, Xerox Easy Translate allows both students and teachers to automatically create translated documents from original sources using a multifunction printer.

Control Print Costs & Implement Print Protocol

Administrators, Accounting, IT Department

Cost effective print resource management is a priority for schools and universities. Offering students and teachers unlimited access to print resources is neither practical nor sustainable, but managing and tracking their usage through the use of industry standard software like PaperCut is. PaperCut tracks and manages print accounts while assessing print limits and credits to individual users.

Take The Hassle And Cost Out of Desktop Printers

IT Department, Administrators, Accounting

Managed print services can result in significant cost reductions for the print heavy education sector. By pooling resources and consolidating costs throughout departments, managed print solutions can cut print costs while dramatically improving accessibility and uptime.

Ensure You Are Secure and In Compliance With Proactive IT Support

IT Department & Administrators

Cybersecurity is a key concern for educational institutions today. As cybercriminals continue to target schools and universities, the pressure on internal IT teams increases and can impact their bandwidth to implement important technology. Our Primary & Supplemental IT Solutions Powered by Visual Edge IT provide you the security and compliance you need in today’s environment.

Experience A True Partnership Transparent Analysis

IT Department, Administrators, Accounting

School administrators need to generate accurate, timely quarterly reports that reflect the current state of the school’s finances and governance. Automated data gathering tools make this possible, delivering real time insight on school IT asset usage and print consumption in terms that administrators can immediately include in reports.

Implement Counsel and Midwest Office Automations Office Technology At Your School or University

We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help educational institutions run more efficiently while improving their IT capabilities. Rely on Counsel to improve your technology-oriented workflow so that your school’s IT team can focus on higher-impact, strategic initiatives that help teachers and students communicate effectively.

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