Contractors & Subcontractors

Contractors & Subcontractors

Contractors and Subcontractors are critical to keeping our communities growing. These businesses face interesting business challenges as most of their workforce is remote.

The first step to being a great office technology partner is understanding the specific needs these businesses face, then providing the solutions & services they need.

Critical Needs for Contractors & Subcontractors

Enforce accountability of project managers for expenses related to each individual work site

Provide project managers with access to business critical documents remotely

Create field sets for project sites

Ability to print & scan large format documents on demand

Ensure that all business data is secure from Cyber criminals

Streamlining of accounts payable invoices appropriately to project

Ability to communicate collaboratively with remote field workers


Securely Print & Access Documents Anywhere

Whether you’re at on location at a jobsite, working from home, or just need to print to a different device, we have solutions to help you review, retrieve, or print your documents wherever their needed. Mobile print makes it easy to work wherever you are and access print assets directly from their smartphones and tablet computers. This is important because it significantly reduces the amount of time spent sending documents back and forth for printing, and it improves mobile security for the entire company.

Prevent Unexpected Print Expenses

Accountants need to have access to the most precise, up to date data on manufacturing processes in order to do their jobs. Automated workflows make it easy for accountants to gather the data they are looking for and create comprehensive reports that inform the executive decision making process.

Communicate with Customers & Employees in Multiple Languages

Clear and direct communication is critical to the success of contracting and subcontracting projects. Whether it’s with your clients or employees, language can’t be a language to completing the job. Take out the guesswork and concerns miscommunications in different languages can bring with Xerox ™Easy Translate. This state of the art App and Software enables you to quickly translate documents to any of 100 languages everything from warning signs to manuals and offers additional options like human translation and experts in your industry to edit as needed.

Organized Easily Accessible Documents

Due to the nature of the contracting and subcontracting industries working at jobsites and in temporary offices at times keeping track of paper documents can be difficult. With our Document Management solutions, you can automate the organization and workflows needed to keep your files up to date and accessible.

Cover all your print and supply needs under one flexible plan

Having all your print devices covered under a our Managed Print Services means you can easily add and remove devices from your contracts and have supplies automatically monitored and delivered before you need them.

Cybersecurity in the Office and on Site

Cybercriminals are highly focused on attacking small and medium sized businesses, which includes many contractors and subcontractors. In addition, working on the go and on site means different networks and devices are often needed. This can create increased cybersecurity risks for this industry. It’s important to find a partner who can offer proactive monitoring and cybersecurity solutions to ensure client information is secure and employees can be productive and secure wherever they work.

Wide Format Equipment, Supplies, and Service

It’s important that businesses in this industry have a partner who can fulfill all of your print needs that often includes Wide Format Printers. Over time, contractors and subcontractors have taken on more of the responsibility to provide documents produced by a wide format device. We offer the best in HP Wide Format products and provide the local service and supplies you need to ensure you are up and running when you most need it.

Let Counsel and Midwest Office Automations Provide You with Modern Office Technology Solutions in the Office and On Site

Improve your teams’ productivity while ensuring your security with our full suite of office solutions. We understand the importance of understanding your specific business needs and being able to provide
the equipment, services, and solutions required to ensure success.

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