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Visual Edge IT Document Workflow, Security and Management

As we work with businesses to streamline processes for efficiency, we see many people still utilizing a traditional filing cabinet structure for their critical documents.

This method of filing can be unproductive (how much time to you spend looking for a mis-placed file), unsecure (did you remember to lock the HR drawer) and leaves you vulnerable to the loss of your critical documents if an unfortunate event such as a water leak or natural disaster were to affect your office. The traditional filing system also makes it virtually impossible for a remote workforce to access their mission critical documents.

We also work with businesses on auditing how documents flow thru their offices. We see many businesses still passing traditional printed paper throughout the office for various means of processing, authorizing, editing, etc. This is a very labor-intensive process that leads to the result of documents ending up in a traditional paper filing system.

This is where document management steps in. All businesses, no matter how large or small process and store documents. This technology will allow you to have workflows built for document staging, editing and authorization. After the document workflow is fulfilled it will be securely electronically stored away for easy access from anywhere.

Make sure your documents are secure from cyber-security threats as well as employee negligence. Only best of class document management software will ensure that this will be the case.

See what your technology can do…


“Midwest Office has been great at being responsive to our needs. We lease our copier systems through them and they have been very hands on with installation as well as our service needs. We recently switched to managed IT services with Midwest as well, and have been very pleased with their excellent customer service and the pricing for our needs. I would highly recommend Midwest office to my colleagues.”

“Having been in the IT field for 20+ years, it is so very rare when you find a vendor that is not solely focused on closing a sale, or overselling themselves, their product, or support. Or trying to signing you to a long term contract that benefits them, not YOU, the customer. Visual Edge IT is that rare vendor, or should I say, strategic partner.”

“It was very easy to work with Sam Avery in sales. He worked with us on pricing, service and quality equipment. Install was very quick and easy. All have been so helpful. I was in the IT business for nearly 20 years and really appreciate the effort that everyone put in. The install was for the First Lutheran Church of South Sioux City NE, where I am now pastor of. I would highly recommend using Counsel!”

“Phenomenal experience – massive cost savings dating back to our first work with them in the Managed Print Services environment. Ryan & Sam put a tremendous amount of work into assessment and recommendations for us, resulting in BIG SAVINGS since March 2013. They are true partners with our organization every step of the way. The subsequent technical support they provide has also been top notch. Great company to work with.”

“Visual Edge IT helped us upgrade to a better copier, with more features than we could have imagined, for a much lower price. Sam Avery is great to work with, and he and his team are always quick to answer all of our questions.”

“Today there is a lot of correlation between a good employee and a good relationship with our copy machine executive!  We could not be more satisfied or happier with our recent purchase of our new copier/scanner/fax/ printer that we purchased from our Visual Edge IT Rep. Aly Huges.  She made the new purchase painless and a enjoyable experience.  Over the years we have found that Counsel’s customer service is second to none (exemplary!) and would highly recommend them for all of your copying service needs….. “