Counsel and Midwest Office Automation offers RICOH CHAMPS Digital Imaging Services for our Customers.

What is RICOH CHAMPS Digital Imaging Services?

Law firms, banks, hospitals, schools, corporations, utilities and other organizations often have significant volumes of old documents stored on a variety of incompatible and outdated media—or they have a steady flow of business-critical documents that must be scanned, organized and indexed in a secure environment. Ricoh Digital Imaging Services provide a cost-effective resource for organizations looking to efficiently manage high volumes of hardcopy documents.

Over the last 25 years, Ricoh has built unmatched digital scanning capabilities, with more than 40 secure facilities in the U.S. These highly secure facilities can scan and index more than 70 million pages per month. Customer documents and data are protected by multilevel “chain of custody” security systems and robust disaster recovery systems.